Volterra Basket White (Set of 3)

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Volterra Basket White (Set of 3)

The Volterra storage basket consists of three seperate baskets and is perfect for storing your little things. It forms a practical set for every space in the house. Make-up, pencils, business cards, keys or jewellery: all small items can neatly be stored in these three baskets. Basket Volterra is available in multiple colours. Interior idea: put small cactuses in the two smaller baskets!


A hand made unique product from Vietnam is a a fairtrade product designed in Holland.


Handed By is the leading brand in woven baskets, bags and home accessories. Handmade of materials that leave the smallest possible footprint on the environment, such as recycled plastic and bamboo. The products are of superior quality.

Handed By design is recognisable by the unique trademark stamp in the form of a handprint. Everything we put our hands to is manufactured ethically and is guaranteed 100% free of child labour.


Virtually all our products are made by hand. That takes place mainly in Vietnam and China. Two countries with a centuries-old knowledge of craft techniques, as well as typically Asian traditions and customs. That requires respect, understanding and patience. We offer regular work to approximately 300 qualified craftswomen. Women with a love of their trade and who are deeply engaged in Handed By. 


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