Little Bee

Little Bee



In this new series, based on the everyday adventures of wild animals, discover what Little Bee gets up to, and meet their family, learning loads of great facts along the way!

Little Bee has a BIG family! She has over one hundred sisters and a few baby brothers, and they all live together in the nest with their Mummy, the Queen. Little Bee is super excited to introduce us to her family and explore the nest together.

Learn all about nature's hardest worker: What happens in the nest, what pollination is, who the queen is, how honeybees talk to each other and why bees are so important.
This adorable story is followed by a fun factivity section packed with craft projects, case studies, and a quiz section at the back of the book, so you can put everything you have learned about Little Bee and their family to the test.

Beautiful and bright illustrations will make this informative book a hit with children of all ages!