Mix And Match Animals Bath Toy

Mix And Match Animals Bath Toy SALE
Mix And Match Animals Bath Toy SALE


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A duck's head, penguin eyes, and tentacles: but what is this animal?
With this set of 30 pieces made of EVA, children from 2 years old will have fun putting together wacky animals at bath time! With each animal composed of 3 pieces, you will find in this set: a penguin, a whale, a seal, an octopus, a polar bear, a reindeer, a sheep, a rabbit, a horse, and a duck; that’s 10 animals in total, to assemble or to mix and match again and again!
The pieces are suitable for little hands and float in the water. Once wet, they stick to the tiles: it's magic! A game of mix & match; ideal for bath time to be a moment of relaxation and play.
82 x 0,3 x 12,5 cm (32.28 x 4.72")