Organic Baby Grey Stripe Buddy

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Organic Baby Grey Stripe Buddy
  • This baby buddy baby comforter with pale grey stripes is handmade using off cuts of 100% Egyptian organic cotton clothing material. This is the perfect baby comforter for new born babies and a great baby gift

    There are many experts that believe babies sleep better when they have a comforter, as they feel safe and more relaxed when they have their special toy with them Lots of babies naturally adopt a beloved and special toy which they carry with them during the day and which then goes in to the cot at night time to help them sleep.
    When choosing a comforter for your baby make sure that it is cotton as this is a breathable fabric and also machine washable which is particularly important if it is to be your baby’s constant companion. Also make sure that it is not a beanie stuffed with small parts which could come out if split.

    PLEASE NOTE. Our comforters are made using organic fabrics left over from the manufacture of baby clothes. We are only able to buy limited quantities of a design so typically each of our baby comforters will sell out within 6 months. If your baby becomes attached and you feel you may need a spare please don’t wait as they do sell out quicky!

    Our comforters are 100% organic cotton, including the stuffing which is also 100% organic cotton.
    They are 20cm x 24cm which is a perfect comforter size - small enough to be safe but large enough to be a gripped and carried and gripped.

    Handmade, fair trade and machine washable. 
    Approximate size: 20cm x 24cm
    All Under the Nile toys are handmade so sizes can vary significantly. Dimensions are given as a guide only.
    • Under the Nile
    • 100% Egyptian Organic Cotton
    • Made in Egypt

• Fair Trade. GOTS certified 

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