Pasta Mania

Pasta Mania SALE
Pasta Mania SALE
Pasta Mania SALE


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Who will be the fastest to make a beautiful noodle necklace?

This matching game for children aged 4 and over is inspired by one of the grown-ups’ favourite presents!

The aim of the game? Each player draws one of the wooden beads without looking. Each one represents a piece of pasta in different shapes and colours. As soon as 3 pieces of the same shape or colour appear on the game board at the same time, players have to catch them all as fast as they can! The fastest player gets to keep one for their necklace. The first player to make a necklace with 5 pasta pearls is the winner!

This game is all about logical thinking, observation skills and speed!

Contains 28 wooden beads, 4 strings and 1 fabric bag. The beads are made of solid wood, the bag and the strings are made of fabric.