The Book Of You: Colour Chronicals

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The Book Of You: Colour Chronicals

The Book of You is a beautiful baby book, childhood journal, childhood record book, and baby memory book in one. It’s an ideal new baby gift, baby shower gift, baby boy gift or baby girl gift as well as an alternative Christening gift or a first birthday gift. There are prompts to record all the wonderful moments and memories that make up childhood. Filled out each year to be a reminder of personality, fond memories, and things that are funny.

It has been deemed as the continuation of the baby book as it starts at year one with questions for the child added from year three.

The questions mature as the child does and it ends at age sixteen with predictions for years to come and a note to their future self. It’s a charming and timeless book designed to prompt positivity and affection which builds in to a lasting treasury to be looked back on, jogging happy and funny memories of childhood.

A lovely size at 8″ x 10″ and available in six bright colours – red, yellow, green, pink, orange and blue.

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