Sitting WWF Lion

Sitting WWF Lion SALE
Sitting WWF Lion SALE
Sitting WWF Lion SALE

WWF Cub Club

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Did you know that the lion is considered the “king of animals” in many parts of the world? Who hasn’t seen the popular movie “The Lion King”? This sitting Lion is definitely our gentle, handsome king.

This beauty of an animal sits proudly and his lifelike features are to behold.  This beautiful boy will sit proudly in any nursery waiting to be loved and played with.

He is suitable for 3 year olds plus, to be snuggled with as he's a bit of a beast!!  Amazingly soft and tactile Lion will be a best friend and playmate.

This “king of animals” however, only lives in the wild in Central Africa. Let’s all help to make sure this beautiful animal continues to exist! Saving the planet one plush at a time! The WWF Classic Collection donated funds to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).