About Us

Ollie & Dollie is a vibrant independent children’s store based online.

Ollie & Dollie specialise in new born, to toddler and school aged children's, clothes and accessories, games, toys, books, gifts and much more.

Every brand stocked at Ollie and Dollie is included for a reason. The item will follow our ethos of providing sustainable organic cotton boys and girls clothes and toys. It may be that the item is an award winning wooden toy, a handmade baby gift, an unusual keepsake for a Christening.

Ollie and Dollie believe quality over quantity . So we are proud to offer boys, girls, unisex clothing, toys and everything that will last through the generations

“Everything is here for a reason”

The aim is to give the customers the best possible shopping experience both online and instore.

With exceptional knowledge of their products Ollie and Dollie will give you honest advice to suit your budget and ideas. Ollie and Dollie are proud to offer a truly exceptional service with gift wrapping and send service online and personal local delivery.

“We have everything covered”

Our Logo

Our logo was created by a dynamic 3 year old Dolcie in 2016 which innocently depicts herself and friend Ollie. The owner Manda is proud to say this was her inspiration and the beginnings of Ollie and Dollie
You will see Dolcie's original drawing hung proudly on the wall inside the shop.
Find us at:
242 High Street
Beckenham BR3 1EN